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Drink Like A God


Neptune’s Brewery is named after the Roman God of the sea. The God’s name comes from several words combined to connote the marriage of heaven and earth. In modern times, this might be interpreted as meaning of the best of both worlds.

Our motto is Drink Like God, means drink the best! Gods, although sometimes viewed as angry and vengeful, are also looked upon as strong leaders and caretakers of their people. We prefer to emulate the community caretaker qualities of the Roman deity. We strive to be viewed by our employees as a great place to work as well as being a community gathering center, where we support and enhance our local culture.

Neptune’s Brewery is a quaint, sea-themed oasis in the small mountain town of Livingston, Montana. We serve a variety of brewed-on-site, hand crafted beers for our community and our visitors.


Come on down and see for yourself!


Our Beer Community

We hold our community near and dear… Everything we do is in an effort to improve our town, the lives of the people living here, and our employees.

We love our visitors too! Tourists are an integral part of our community. We know we couldn’t be here for our community without your support so as our service pledge goes… We treat regulars like family and treat tourists like regulars.




119 North L Street

Livingston, MT 59047


Mon - Thur

Fri - Sun

2 pm – 8 pm

12 pm – 8 pm


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